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Mail Online Article – Student’s Allergic Reactions caused by Teacher’s Nut-Scented Candles

Just a short post, this. I found it an interesting read, and I think you might too.

I found an article on The Daily Mail’s online site, Mail Online, with nut allergies as a central theme. This story is based in Georgia, USA, where a teacher reportedly refused to stop lighting a nut-scented candle in her classroom when it was repeatedly giving a 16-year-old student an allergic reaction. The article says the teacher put out the candle before the nut allergy sufferer was in the room, but this would still give her student a reaction because there was nut oil in the air of the classroom when she later entered.

The article was published on 16 October 2012, and contains a video of the CBS Atlanta TV news report on the story. Give it a read/view – it is another example of how dangerous nut allergies can be even when a sufferer doesn’t actually eat one. Consumption of nuts through particles in the air is a concept that has come up a lot since I’ve been writing this blog. It is becoming apparent that this is a real and constant danger for people with very serious nut allergies.

The story is available at the link below:

Daily Mail

Article from Mail Online [Image courtesy of Edmond Wells]

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